User Profile: Frappe Charts errors SVG NaN


Testing with Brave and Chromium in the demo instance
dokos: v1.1.4 (staging)
dodock: v1.1.0 (staging)

or in my personal instance
dokos: v1.2.5 (master)
dodock: v1.2.3 (master)

I have issue related to charts in personal profil.

Never seen that with Erpnext, how/what to fix ?

Hi Tom,

These errors are generated by the Frappe Charts library trying to display a chart with non existing/ non defined values. It happens generally if you have no data linked to your profile for a particular timeframe.
I just tested and could reproduce it in ERPNext v12.
I’ll fix it in the next version. In the meantime, you should not encounter any visual impact in your instance.
Let me know if that’s not the case.

yep I can see it now without data. My bad.
For now there is no visual impact.

Thanks for this work :+1: