Happy new year 2020 ! πŸŽ‰

Dear all,

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to make a quick update before the start of a new exciting decade !

2019 has been a pivotal year, with the creation of dokos and its official launch last october.
You are already a few dozens of companies to trust us and use the software to manage your daily activity and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.
The first three versions of dokos have already brought improvements to a certain number of functionalities, like the user interface, the calendars, the notification center or the subscriptions and their integration with Stripe and GoCardless.
We have also been able to create new functionalities like the item bookings. They already help several Shared Places manage their space and resources reservations successfully.

The work has just started and we have already several big projects planned for 2020.
In the beginning of the year, priority will be given to the improvement of accounting processes to facilitate inputs, reduce error risks and improve the closing process.
Local functionalities, in particular functionalities specific to France, are also expected during the year.
We also wish to make dokos installation process easier to enable the largest number of people to install and use it to manage their company.
All of this without forgetting multiple improvements in each of the 33 modules composing dokos.

Our main objective is first and foremost to help your solve problems your run into in your daily activity.
That is why our roadmap is dynamic and collaborative.
Participate to its construction, vote for the most important functionalities for you and we will do our best to improve the software based on your needs.

It is only thanks to your investment that we will be able to build a bigger open-source community around dokos in 2020 !

We wish you a very happy new year !!! :confetti_ball:

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