Future of Dokos


first of all, thank you for all the great work done on ERPNext’s modification, in your attempt to make it EU-compatible.
I’ve been investigating ERPNext for a while now, and ended up with mixed feelings when it comes to Accounting and Tax features as well as Financial Reporting.

I own a small ICT company based in Luxembourg and I’m evaluating DOKOS to understand how it could compete with the well established accounting software here, and eventually, propose the same type of service than those provided by DOKOS SAS, but to the Luxembourguish market.

The Dokos initiative is really what missed to the EU market, compared to ERPNext which is more US/UK oriented (in regard to it’s legal workflow). The founders of ERPNext have so much work to address that it is a very smart idea to divert EU’s requirements into a separate project.

So I would be very delighted to participate to its progress.
Before starting to put my hands into the sludge, I wanted to get your vision about’s Dokos roadmap and future.

ERPNext is now almost 12 years old now, and always ensured to remain commited to -free- open source world, being distributed freely worldwide under the GNU GPLv3 Licence.

Is this something that you aim to keep continuing for DOKOS, during the whole product’s life ?

Can we consider that DOKOS is an ‘official’ fork of ERPNext (not clearly mentionned in your website) ?

What is DOKOS software development roadmap ?

What is the DOKOS SAS business model ?

Thank you for your attention.

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Hi @rT-FC,

Thanks for your interest in Dokos and your kind words.

Yes we do plan to keep Dokos under the GPLv3 licence, because I strongly believe in the open source movement.
Pragmatically Dokos licence is also a safeguard for the community because we have to respect this licence as well as anyone else since we don’t own the rights on the source code to change it.

Dokos is indeed a hard fork of ERPNext and there is no willingness to hide it. It is just a technical term that don’t speak to people outside the IT world and my personal experience shows that people understand the term “adaptation” much better. Therefore the word choice on the website.

Regarding the development roadmap, it is available here: https://gitlab.com/dokos/dokos/-/boards/966503

Please don’t hesitate to participate in building it with additional ideas or contribute to existing tickets.

Regarding our business model, today we do offer a hosting service, support and custom developments.
We are working on a partner program and I invite you to contact me if your are interested (chdecultot@dokos.io)

Have a very nice end of day!

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Good morning Mr Decultot,very much for your satisfying reply.

Our goal is firstly to take some time to cover all the new features proposed by DOKOS vs ERPNext.
When we will feel comfortable with the results, we may be interested in your partner program.

Let’s follow-up.

Thank you.